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Baptist Healthcare System has changed their name to Baptist Health as it acquires the Pattie A. Clay Hospital in Richmond, Kentucky. This continues Baptist’s expansion of influence throughout the state of Kentucky and it includes a full acquisition of the Madisonville Regional Medical Center and Trover Clinic. This is a prestigious high-quality acquisition for Baptist Health. Baptist now has mainline hospitals in cities across the entire state including Paducah, Madisonville, Elizabethtown, Louisville, La Grange, Lexington, and Richmond. There may not be any other hospital system in Kentucky so well represented statewide.

FMG was engaged to assist in the design and implementation of the new primary sign elements on each campus.

Baptist Health Paducah - Building Mounted Logo (BML)

Baptist Health Richmond - Building Mounted logo (BML)

Baptist Health - Exterior Night

Baptist Health Richmond - Pylon and BML

Baptist Health - Parking Sign

Baptist Health - Volunteer Parking Sign (VPS)

Baptist Health - Overhead Directional Banner (ODB)

Baptist Health - Projecting Flag Sign (PFS)

Baptist Health - Freestanding Directional Pylon (FDP)

Baptist Health - Wall Mounted Identifier (WMI)

Baptist Health - ODB and WMD



Baptist Health - Kentucky

After an acquisition and a change in the brand name, Baptist Health now has mainline hospitals in cities across the entire state. FMG designed new primary sign elements on each campus. Read More.

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