Lyric Market Logo

Spanning an entire city block in downtown Houston’s Theater District, the highly anticipated Lyric Market stands proudly next to the iconic Lyric Tower and Lyric Garage. See the exterior and interior garage graphics that FMG developed for Lyric Garage.

As a bustling downtown destination, Lyric Market sets the stage for a 7,500 sq. ft. deck, communal plaza, and street-side terrace. The heart of the striking multi-story structure centers around a 14,000 sq. ft. culinary marketplace, featuring a curated collection of 9 renowned chef-driven food concepts and a lively bar. Lyric Market also features over 10,000 sq. ft. of space dedicated to private dining and events, a conference center, and retail opportunities.

FMG Design was commissioned to develop an experiential and wayfinding graphics program for the exterior and interior of Lyric Market. In addition to identification and base building graphics, FMG also designed a market graphic wall and window graphics to embellish the exterior windows.

Lyric Market: Exterior Plaza by Virtuoso the Cellist Statue
Lyric Market: Exterior Building Mounted Logo Large BML.A
Lyric Market: Exterior Building Mounted Logo Small BML.B
Lyric Market: Interior Wayfinding Supergraphics
Lyric Market: Interior Logo Graphics ILG
Lyric Market: Interior Stair Identification Plaque SIP
Lyric Market: Interior Overhead Restroom Directional ORD
Lyric Market: Interior Restroom Plaque RRP (Ladies)
Lyric Market: Interior Individual Wayfinding Graphics IWB.B (Bar)
Lyric Market: Interior Individual Wayfinding Graphics IWB.A (Meet me at the Bar)

Lyric Market – Houston, Texas

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