iPad Navigation

At FMG, we are constantly striving to incorporate the latest in digital display technology such as LCD, Plasma and LED displays to communicate with our target audiences. This component is an integral part in information-giving and wayfinding. The technology can be non-interactive and interactive through the use of touch screen, barcode scanner, card swipe, RFID and other input devices.

Our studio provides the consultation services to implement these robust programs to supplement the traditional wayfinding parts such as signs, scripting, clutter reduction etc. The latest technology also includes fully down-loadable APPs on hand held devises and is co-developed with web site navigation systems.

Vanderbilt Doctor’s Office Tower Message Screen

Interactive Bon Secours St. Mary Hospital Vertical Floor Plans

Washington Convention Center Electronic Display Areas

Duke Energy Center Electronic Directory

Flanking live-feed broadcasts incorporated into overhead wayfinding.

Time Warner Conference Room Displays

Georgia Aquarium Electronic Directory

iPhone Wayfinding